PLAST Ukrainian Scouting Organisation

Originating in Western Ukraine more than a century ago, PLAST has grown to become a global Ukrainian Scouting Organisation that gives children the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in an age dominated by digital technology.

Active across Australia, PLAST’s South Australian branch proudly host and curate PLAST’s national museum in Hindmarsh, close to Adelaide’s CBD. They coordinate fun and challenging activities such as camping, hiking, games and excursions so that children forge new friendships, develop valuable life skills and as good citizens, explore ways to utilise these skills to help others.

Open to all ages, PLAST is a non-denominational organisation with core values of service to God, country and community. Fostering a deep appreciation of Ukrainian language, history and culture, PLAST actively engages the wider Ukrainian community and supports displaced Ukrainians in Australia and aid programs for Ukraine.

PLAST’s patron saint, St George is celebrated in May and October as a defender of truth and model of steadfast faith, kindness and courage.

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Adrian Myroniuk
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