Vodohray Bandura

Adelaide’s VODOHRAY is Australia’s only community bandura school and performance ensemble. Band director, Ihor Kushnir brings a lifetime of expertise and good humour to his group’s pivotal role in preserving bandura musicianship for future generations.

Incorporating contemporary and classical influences, VODOHRAY teaches the authentic craft of bandura and the epic folklore of Ukraine’s kobzari. Wandering minstrels of centuries past, their legacy serves Ukraine’s proud history of perseverance and its fierce commitment to independence and freedom.

Welcoming students of all ages and abilities, experienced bandurists guide new members and support the growth of their stage confidence. With performance opportunities at concerts and multicultural events across Adelaide, VODOHRAY is the voice of this iconic Ukrainian instrument in South Australia.

Performance and enrolment enquiries

Ihor Kushnir
Email: ian.m.kushnir@gmail.com

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